Mother Arrested After Dead Baby Found at Airport in 2005


In a significant development, authorities announced the identification and arrest of Annie Anderson, 51, in connection with the murder of a newborn known as Baby Skylar, whose body was found in a trash bin at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in 2005.

Anderson, believed to be the baby’s mother, is set to face first-degree murder charges. The grim discovery occurred on October 10, 2005, when the lifeless body of the baby girl was found wrapped in newspapers and a towel, placed inside a plastic bag from a Marriott Hotel, in a women’s bathroom at Terminal 4 of the airport.

A medical examiner determined two days later that the newborn had been suffocated, confirming the case as a homicide. The investigation into the incident began immediately, with detectives working to solve the case. However, despite initial efforts, leads in the investigation eventually ran dry, leaving the case unsolved for more than 18 years.

Airport Terminal (Credits: DFW Airport)

During a news conference on Tuesday, authorities revealed that they had identified and arrested Annie Anderson, who hails from Washington State.

Anderson is currently in custody in Washington, awaiting extradition to Maricopa County, Arizona. The arrest was made possible through advancements in forensic technology and DNA analysis, which enabled authorities to revisit the case and make progress after years of dormancy.

The resolution of the Baby Skylar case highlights the persistence of law enforcement and the evolving capabilities of forensic tools in solving cold cases. While it took nearly two decades, the arrest of the baby’s mother brings a sense of closure and justice to a tragic and longstanding mystery.

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