Biden’s Brother Set to Testify in House Republicans’ Impeachment Inquiry

Credits: Axios

James Biden, President Joe Biden’s brother, is scheduled to testify today in a closed-door meeting with House Republicans as part of their impeachment inquiry into the president.

This move comes amid a somewhat chaotic and lackluster investigation by House Republicans, who have brought forward various business and family associates to testify that President Biden has not been involved in his family’s business dealings abroad, the primary allegation prompting the inquiry.

The interview with James Biden follows a series of testimonies from individuals asserting that President Biden has maintained distance from any overseas business ventures involving his family.

Biden’s Brother, James (Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune)

This aspect of the investigation has been a central focus for Republicans leading the probe, who are grappling with growing dissatisfaction within their own party regarding the inquiry.

Many Republicans are concerned that the investigation could backfire, particularly in an election year, potentially jeopardizing their narrow majority in the House.

Amid negotiations that faced challenges and came close to falling apart, there are expectations that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, will also appear for a closed-door interview in the coming week.

The inclusion of family members in the investigation has been a contentious point, with critics arguing that it adds a personal and potentially politically motivated dimension to the inquiry.

As the investigation unfolds, its trajectory remains uncertain, with House Republicans navigating internal divisions and external pressures. The outcome of the inquiry could have significant implications for both the Biden administration and the political landscape leading up to the upcoming elections.

The closed-door testimonies, including that of James Biden and the anticipated appearance of Hunter Biden, contribute to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the investigation and its potential impact on the political landscape.

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