Joe Scarborough Criticizes Trump Supporters Believing Fraud Trial Will Lead to ‘Communism’

Credits: The New Yorker

On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe extensively covered the Tuesday night Fox News town hall featuring former President Donald Trump.

Host Joe Scarborough expressed frustration with what he perceived as the “stupidity” of Trump supporters, particularly triggered by Trump’s comparison of himself to the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski took issue with Trump’s analogy, especially considering Navalny’s death in a Russian prison, widely attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Joe Scarborough (Credits:

Trump’s comments on the $354 million judgment in his civil fraud trial further fueled Scarborough’s discontent, as Trump referred to it as a “form of Navalny” and claimed his indictment was turning America into a “communist country.”

Scarborough passionately debunked Trump’s assertions, labeling them as lies and expressing disgust at every level. He highlighted Trump’s deceitful practices, such as lying to banks, and creditors, and about property holdings, emphasizing that such actions would result in legal consequences for anyone else.

Scarborough questioned the intelligence of Trump’s supporters, wondering if they truly believed that justice for one individual could brand America as a “communist nation.”

The host criticized Trump supporters and Republicans in Congress, accusing them of using terms like “communists” without understanding their meaning.

He portrayed the Republican Party as bankrupt intellectually, philosophically, and spiritually, criticizing their simplistic labeling of opponents as either pedophiles or Marxists.

Scarborough continued to drive home his point, suggesting that while Trump decried communism, he maintained a favorable view of Putin and Russia. He sarcastically proposed that if Trump loved Russia so much, he should move there, extending the suggestion to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The host ridiculed Trump’s claims, drawing parallels to Soviet leaders who praised their country’s virtues while overlooking economic realities.

Overall, Scarborough’s commentary reflected his frustration with what he considered baseless assertions and the perceived lack of critical thinking among Trump’s supporters and within the Republican Party.

The segment highlighted Scarborough’s vehement opposition to Trump’s rhetoric and his desire to challenge what he sees as misleading narratives.

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