Andy Biggs Completely Messes Up When Asked What Evidence GOP Has Against Biden Now

Andy Biggs Absolutely Fumbles When Asked What Biden Evidence GOP Has Now

The GOP’s impeachment inquiry targeting President Joe Biden appears to be crumbling in the absence of its key witness, Alexander Smirnov. Despite this setback, Republicans seemed unprepared to address questions from reporters, casting further doubt on the legitimacy of their efforts.

Representative Andy Biggs’ attempt to salvage the impeachment push was notably feeble, failing to provide substantial evidence when pressed by reporters. When asked about evidence of a bribery scheme, Biggs evaded the question, offering no meaningful response.

Republicans had pinned their hopes on Smirnov’s testimony, emphasizing his allegations that Biden received millions from a Ukrainian oligarch.

However, the Justice Department’s disclosure on Tuesday shattered this narrative, revealing Smirnov’s admission of involvement with Russian intelligence in crafting the Hunter Biden narrative. It was disclosed that Smirnov had contacts with top Russian officials, raising serious concerns about foreign interference in U.S. politics.

These revelations followed Smirnov’s indictment for lying to the FBI about his Biden allegations, further undermining the credibility of the GOP’s impeachment efforts.

The wavering stance of Republicans on whether to persist with the inquiry echoes suspicions of Russian interference in U.S. elections. Legal experts have warned that attempts to salvage Smirnov’s testimony could backfire disastrously for GOP lawmakers spearheading the endeavor.

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