State Lawmakers Condemn Neo-Nazi Rally in Downtown Nashville

Credits: The Daily Beast

A neo-Nazi rally in downtown Nashville has sparked condemnation from local Jewish groups and state lawmakers. Videos posted on social media over the weekend depicted a small group of individuals, clad in red shirts and black masks, giving Nazi salutes and carrying a black swastika flag as they marched through downtown streets during daylight hours.

The marchers were seen passing through busy areas like Broadway and the state capitol, chanting “Sieg Heil” and advocating for deportations. Witnesses confronted the group, capturing footage of their actions and challenging them for their anonymity.

The marchers were identified as part of the “Blood Tribe,” a neo-Nazi group officially founded in 2021.  The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterizes the Blood Tribe as a growing white supremacist group that prohibits female members and rejects those advocating for softer ‘optics.’

Neo-Nazi Rally Group (Credits:

The ADL reported Blood Tribe marches in Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin in 2023. State Rep. Justin Jones, a Democrat representing part of Nashville, shared a video standing near the marchers as they passed by.

Jones, who had just left an event honoring a Black sorority, described the rally as an attempt to intimidate the community. He organized a rally at the state capitol on Monday, joined by religious leaders and activists, to denounce the neo-Nazi display.

The incident has prompted widespread condemnation, with community leaders and lawmakers emphasizing the need to stand against hate and intimidation.

Neo-Nazi rallies and displays are a concerning manifestation of extremism that communities across the United States continue to grapple with, highlighting the ongoing challenges of combating hate speech and promoting inclusivity.

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