Insulin Prices Capped for Millions, Yet Many Still Struggle to Afford Life-Saving Medication

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Cassie Gray, a 14-year-old dealing with diabetes, shares how the condition sometimes feels overwhelming, even though she doesn’t want it to define her. For her mother, Tara, managing Cassie’s medication costs adds another layer of concern.

While insulin prices have decreased for some of the millions of Americans who depend on it, not all patients qualify for the reduced rates, despite efforts from Medicare, certain states, and drug manufacturers to cap monthly expenses at $35.

Tara was taken aback when her private insurance company notified her in 2022 that one type of insulin Cassie required was no longer covered because it “does not appear to meet medically necessary requirements.” This decision left Tara feeling stunned, as insulin is vital for Cassie’s survival.

Insulin (Credits: CBS News)

Fortunately, Tara received guidance from a Facebook group for diabetes patients she manages, leading her to discover a coupon that lowered the monthly cost of insulin from $600 to $99. However, she worries about the sustainability of such coupons in the long run.

The major insulin manufacturers stated they offer various programs to reduce the drug’s cost. Additionally, Eli Lilly expressed support for bipartisan federal legislation aiming to cap insulin prices at $35 for everyone.

Tara emphasized the need for universal affordability of insulin, regardless of insurance coverage, highlighting the relief it would bring to families like hers. Ensuring access to life-saving medication should not be a source of ongoing worry, she emphasized.

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