Transition to Electric Vehicles Could Avert Millions of Childhood Illnesses by 2050, According to Report

Credits: The Guardian

A report by the American Lung Association suggests that a widespread transition to zero-emission vehicles and clean energy would significantly improve the health and well-being of children across the United States.

The shift to greener transportation and energy is estimated to save hundreds of infant lives by 2050 and prevent millions of pediatric asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms over the next quarter of a century.

The report’s projections are based on the assumption that all new passenger vehicles sold will have zero emissions by 2035, followed by a similar transition for all new trucks five years later. The report envisions the nation’s electric grid being powered by clean, non-combustion renewable energy by 2035.

Electric Vehicle (Credits: The Hill)

The transition from 2020 to 2050 is expected to prevent various health issues, including pediatric acute bronchitis cases, upper and lower respiratory symptoms, and infant mortality cases.

The study emphasizes the vulnerability of children to the impacts of climate change, including increased air pollution, extreme weather events, flooding, allergens, and heat.

Recent research has highlighted a rise in poor air quality linked to global warming, affecting approximately 1 in 4 Americans. This number could increase to 125 million from 83 million Americans within decades, according to the First Street Foundation, which analyzes climate risks.

The American Lung Association’s report underscores the potential health benefits of a comprehensive shift to sustainable and clean energy practices.

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