U.S. Navy Petty Officer Stationed in Japan Charged with Espionage

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A Navy sailor stationed in Japan, Bryce Pedicini, faces charges of espionage within the U.S. military for allegedly divulging classified information to a foreign government employee.

The accusations outline a series of instances where Pedicini purportedly shared sensitive documents and attempted to pass along photographs displaying classified computer screens.

According to the charge sheet obtained by CBS News, Pedicini is accused of engaging in these activities on multiple occasions between November 2022 and February 2023 in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

US Navy Officer (Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

In May 2023, while in Yokosuka, Japan, he allegedly tried to transmit photographs depicting computer screens linked to the military’s classified network.

The charge sheet asserts that Pedicini’s actions were motivated by the belief that the information would be detrimental to the United States and beneficial to a foreign nation, posing a threat to national defense.

However, the specific documents shared and the recipient nation remain undisclosed. Furthermore, Pedicini faces charges related to failing to report a foreign contact and the unauthorized solicitation of classified information.

The Navy confirmed that an investigation is underway, and legal proceedings against Pedicini are ongoing. Cmdr. Arlo Abrahamson, a spokesperson for U.S. Naval Surface Force, affirmed that the incident involving Pedicini, who serves aboard the USS Higgins (DDG 76), is being thoroughly examined.

Pedicini’s service history in the U.S. Navy indicates that he enlisted in 2009 and served on various destroyers before attaining the rank of chief in 2022.

The allegations against him underscore the gravity of breaches in handling classified materials within the military, prompting stringent investigations and legal actions to address such breaches.

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