Ron DeSantis Declines Trump’s VP Offer in Advance, Citing Lack of Accomplishments during Trump’s Presidency

Ron DeSantis Preemptively Rejects VP Offer From Trump, Says Trump Accomplished Nothing as President

When Ron DeSantis withdrew from the GOP primary last month, he made it clear, “It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance,” endorsing the former president. However, DeSantis seems to hold different opinions about Trump in private conversations!

In a call with supporters on Wednesday, the Florida governor expressed his lack of interest in being Trump’s VP. He stated that the 45th POTUS achieved nothing significant during his presidency and criticized conservative media for not providing honest coverage, particularly by refraining from running critical stories about him.

DeSantis mentioned that people had suggested him as Trump’s running mate but firmly stated, “I am not doing that.” Trump had confirmed to Fox News earlier that DeSantis was among those being considered for the position. DeSantis also remarked on the focus shifting toward identity politics and emphasized the importance of selecting the best person for the job.

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis (Credits: ABC News)

Reflecting on his inability to secure the nomination over Trump, DeSantis attributed it to Trump’s legal issues, suggesting that sympathy towards Trump due to these problems swayed support. He cautioned that Trump’s legal troubles would be “baggage” in the general election but still believed Biden would be advantageous.

DeSantis criticized right-wing media for their biased coverage of Trump, stating, “Their business model just doesn’t work if they offer any criticism of Trump,” and remarked that conservative media wouldn’t even report if Trump “could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.” He acknowledged that while the media might report such an incident, they would likely justify it immediately.

Regarding a potential second Trump administration, DeSantis appeared skeptical based on Trump’s first term. He criticized Trump’s presidency, highlighting the failure to fulfill campaign promises, such as major immigration reform, repealing Obamacare, or reining in bureaucracy. DeSantis hinted at a possible run in 2028, stating, “I haven’t ruled anything out.”

Despite DeSantis keeping his options open, Team Trump seems dismissive of his aspirations. After a leaked recording of DeSantis’s call with supporters, Chris LaCivita, a top Trump adviser, disparaged him as a “sad little man” whose legacy would be associated with “chicken fingers and pudding cups.”

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