Trump Criticizes ‘Loser’ Jimmy Kimmel, Wishes for His Retirement

Trump Trashes ‘Loser’ Jimmy Kimmel, Hopes for His Retirement

Donald Trump, a frequent target of Jimmy Kimmel’s comedic jabs, didn’t miss the chance to weigh in on Kimmel’s potential retirement, labeling him a “loser” and suggesting that ABC would benefit from his departure.

Jimmy Kimmel, who has been the face of Jimmy Kimmel Live! since 2003, hinted at the possibility of stepping away from the show in an interview with the Los Angeles Times published on Tuesday.

“I think this might be my final contract,” remarked the 56-year-old host. “It’s a bit uncomfortable to admit because it feels like every time I entertain such thoughts, they end up being premature.”

With a little over two years left on his current contract, Kimmel expressed a sense of contentment with the idea of moving on. “That seems like a sufficient amount of time,” he added.

Throughout his tenure, Kimmel has regularly taken shots at Donald Trump and his family during his monologues. The friction between the two escalated last November when Kimmel mocked the financial setbacks of Truth Social, Trump’s social media venture. Trump, not one to shy away from a Twitter feud, seized the opportunity to respond to Kimmel’s potential departure from ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel (Credits: CNN)

In a post on his social media platform, Trump suggested that ABC could find a more talented and cost-effective replacement for Kimmel, disparagingly labeling him a “Loser!”

This wasn’t the first time Trump had criticized late-night hosts. In January of the previous year, he had similarly attacked what he termed as “untalented fools” hosting late-night shows while highlighting declining ratings.

Unfazed by Trump’s remarks, Kimmel fired back during his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, making light of Trump’s attention. “It appears America’s most famous tangerine has taken notice,” quipped Kimmel, referencing Trump’s distinctive complexion.

Kimmel humorously remarked on Trump’s insinuation that he might not make a good running mate, relishing the irony of the situation. “I must say, I’m thoroughly amused by this turn of events. I’ll savor it while I can, as I doubt he’ll have the luxury of such social media antics once his phone privileges are revoked in prison,” Kimmel joked.

Despite the banter, Kimmel remains one of the longest-serving late-night hosts in the United States. He is set to host the Academy Awards for the fourth time in March, cementing his place in the entertainment industry.

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