Steve Bannon Targets Sean Hannity


Steve Bannon, a notable figure in conservative media and former political adviser to Donald Trump, openly criticized Fox News host Sean Hannity over remarks regarding the 2024 presidential election.

Bannon, who had significant roles within the Trump campaign and administration, took issue with Hannity’s analysis of Nikki Haley’s ongoing campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.

Despite Haley’s trailing position behind Trump in polls and primary outcomes, Hannity had questioned her decision to stay in the race until Super Tuesday, suggesting a strategic withdrawal might benefit her in the long term.

Steve Bannon vs Sean Hannity (Credits: CNN)

During a segment on Fox & Friends, Hannity critiqued Haley’s claim to electability, referencing a Texas poll showing her lagging in a traditionally red state. He speculated that Haley’s earlier withdrawal could pave the way for a potential role in Trump’s administration, should he secure the presidency again.

However, Hannity acknowledged Haley’s significant backing from anti-Trump conservative donors, positioning her as a fallback candidate should Trump face complications from his current legal challenges, which include 91 criminal charges across multiple indictments.

Bannon, reacting to Hannity’s comments highlighted in a Mediaite article, used his Gettr account to accuse Hannity and Fox News of biased coverage in favor of Haley, pointing out a prime-time town hall for Haley aired by the network as evidence.

This public dispute underscores the ongoing debates within the Republican Party about its direction and leadership heading into the next presidential election.

Fox News, known for its influential role in conservative media, has provided extensive coverage to various GOP candidates, including Trump, who also benefited from a highly viewed town hall event on the network.

The exchange between Bannon and Hannity reflects broader tensions over the GOP’s future and the media’s role in shaping political narratives. Newsweek reached out to Fox News for comment, indicating the ongoing interest in this unfolding story within conservative circles.

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