Milei Holds Meeting with Trump at CPAC, Modifies His Slogan for Argentina


In a significant display of international political camaraderie, Argentina’s President Javier Milei met with former U.S. President Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C.

The encounter, which lasted about 90 seconds and was filled with emotion, underscores the growing ties between conservative leaders on the global stage.

Milei, aged 53, expressed his admiration and gratitude towards Trump, 77, who reciprocated by acknowledging Milei’s potential to rejuvenate Argentina.

Trump’s commendation, “He is one of the few who can make Argentina great again,” highlights the mutual respect between the two leaders and their shared vision for national greatness, mirroring Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) mantra.

Milei and Trump (Credits: BNN Breaking)

This meeting took place against the backdrop of CPAC, an event that draws key figures from the Republican Party and its conservative base, including some of Trump’s staunchest supporters.

The presence of Milei at this gathering, along with his sister and Argentina’s Ambassador to the United States, signals a notable alignment with Trump’s political ideology and strategies.

Milei’s visit to the U.S., which included a meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, comes at a critical time as Trump gears up for another presidential run, challenging incumbent Joe Biden.

The libertarian leader’s engagement with the U.S. political landscape, including receiving potential vice-presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio, indicates a strategic alignment with the Republican Party’s influential figures.

Adapting Trump’s famous campaign slogan to his own political narrative, Milei’s speech at CPAC emphasized his commitment to “making Argentina great again.”

His administration’s efforts to curb government spending and tackle the country’s economic crisis, marked by soaring inflation and widespread poverty, reflect a libertarian approach to governance. However, Milei faces significant opposition to his austerity measures, both on the streets and in Congress.

In his CPAC address, Milei criticized Argentina’s socialist policies and the “corrupt caste” of politicians, businessmen, and media outlets for prioritizing their interests over the welfare of Argentines.

He vowed to persist in his fight against corruption and to implement structural reforms aimed at enhancing freedom and reducing political corruption, despite facing resistance.

Milei’s rhetoric on climate change skepticism, the decline of the West, and anti-abortion views resonated with the CPAC audience, demonstrating the ideological congruence between him and the conservative attendees.

His opening remarks, “I am the lion,” followed by his trademark slogan, “Viva la libertad carajo!” (Long live freedom, damn it!), encapsulated the libertarian leader’s charismatic appeal and his unwavering commitment to liberty and reform.

This intersection of Argentine and U.S. conservative politics at CPAC not only underscores the international dimension of the conservative movement but also signals potential shifts in global political alliances and strategies, with leaders like Milei and Trump at the forefront of advocating for a return to national greatness and conservative values.

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