Internet Criticizes Lindsey Graham for Incorrect Statement Regarding GOP’s Stance on Fertility Clinics

Credits: People

Graham, recently criticized for his inconsistent stance towards Donald Trump regarding Ukraine aid, appears to be shifting his position on controversial fertility treatments, historically opposed by many Republicans.

This change comes after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled embryos in these treatments as humans, exposing potential parents and healthcare providers to legal risks.

Graham responded to Hillary Clinton’s caution that the GOP might target birth control next, dismissing her concerns as unfounded.

Lindsey Graham (Credits: CNN)

“The GOP has no plans to close fertility clinics or restrict access to legal birth control,” he stated, countering Clinton’s criticisms as baseless. He supported his stance with a Fox News video clip.

Molly Jong-Fast, a columnist, responded skeptically with a simple “Ummm,” sharing screenshots of Republicans supporting fertility clinics despite previously backing laws that could ban the practice.

Brian Tyler Cohen, a progressive journalist, highlighted Graham’s denial, contrasting it with the recent closure of IVF clinics in Alabama following a ruling by the state’s entirely Republican Supreme Court that embryos are considered children.

Legal expert Norman Ornstein commented on Cohen’s post, noting Graham’s continuous decline in credibility. Investigative journalist Victoria Brownworth expressed astonishment at Graham’s comments, questioning if he was unaware of Alabama’s recent actions, as indicated in her social media post on Saturday.

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