Organized Crime Boss Charged with Orchestrating a Murder Scheme Against a Journalist from Iran Faces Extradition

Credits: Trend News Agency

This case involves Polad Omarov, also known by multiple aliases, who has been extradited from the Czech Republic to face murder-for-hire and money laundering charges in the Southern District of New York.

Omarov’s arrest and subsequent extradition stem from allegations of his involvement in a plot, reportedly on behalf of Iranian interests, to assassinate a U.S. citizen of Iranian origin known for their activism against Iran’s human rights abuses.

Omarov, identified as a leader within an Eastern European organized crime group, is accused of collaborating with others, including co-defendants Rafat Amirov in Iran and Khalid Mehdiyev in New York, to carry out the assassination.

Faces of Convicts (Credits: AzerNews)

The plot involved detailed surveillance and reconnaissance of the victim’s residence, with Mehdiyev acquiring an AK-47-style assault rifle and conducting multiple visits to the target’s neighborhood to finalize their plans.

The assassination attempt was ultimately thwarted when the intended victim noticed suspicious activity and left the area, and Mehdiyev was later stopped by police for a traffic violation, leading to the discovery of the weapon and other incriminating items in his vehicle.

Omarov faces serious charges, including murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, each carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, and conspiracy to commit money laundering, with a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

His co-defendants, Amirov and Mehdiyev, have also been arrested on related charges. This case highlights the international scope of efforts to suppress dissent against the Iranian regime and the lengths to which individuals may go to target activists on foreign soil.

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