Second Annual CENTCOM Theater Space Forum Underscores the Importance of Space Capabilities

Credits: Space Systems Command - Space Force

U.S. Space Forces Central recently hosted the second annual U.S. Central Command Theater Space Forum, a significant event that brought together over 140 space experts from various branches of the Defense Department, multiple Combatant Commands, and partner nations.

The forum served as a platform for SPACECENT to share valuable insights and lessons learned from current operations in the region.

During the forum, participants engaged in constructive dialogue and collaboration, forming working groups that focused on enhancing capabilities, establishing effective operational processes, and fostering collaboration both within and beyond the command.

Space View (Credits: Cal Alumni Association)

These working groups were instrumental in leveraging the collective expertise of participants and forging new relationships that are essential for future joint efforts.

The forum also provided an opportunity for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the critical role played by U.S. Space Force Guardians in maintaining stability in the region.

Guardians provide a range of capabilities that are vital for various operations, including providing GPS support for naval and aerial navigation, supporting missile warning systems, and integrating space effects into shared operations with international partners.

According to SPACECENT Commander Lt. Gen. William J. Putman, the integration of space capabilities into joint operations allows for increased speed and innovation, ultimately enhancing CENTCOM’s mission of maintaining stability in the region.

Putman emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and learning, highlighting the value of engagement with international partners.

“Space-based capabilities are woven into virtually all aspects of defense and commerce today, so it’s important we continually look for ways to improve,” said Putman.

“Integrating with our partners helps us support them from a security standpoint. But engagement also provides the U.S. an opportunity to hear from and learn from our partners.

They may have the next great idea, capability, or technology that makes us even better in defense we weren’t thinking about. We’re always learning from each other.”

Overall, the U.S. Central Command Theater Space Forum was a testament to the importance of collaboration and cooperation in space operations, highlighting the critical role played by U.S. Space Force Guardians and their international partners in ensuring peace and stability in the region.

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