The US State Department Has Issued a Statement Declaring that the Recent Elections Were Conducted Under a Climate of Fear, Suggesting They Were Not Legitimate

Credits: State Department

On February 25, Belarus held elections for deputies to the House of Representatives, regional, and local councils. However, the US State Department swiftly denounced these elections as “fictitious,” condemning the Lukashenka regime for organizing what it called a sham electoral process.

The State Department’s statement highlighted several key issues with the electoral process in Belarus. It noted that the elections were conducted in an atmosphere of fear, lacking the conditions necessary for a democratic process.

The regime’s crackdown on political dissent was evident, with over 1,400 political prisoners still held, and all independent political figures either detained or exiled. Furthermore, independent political parties were denied registration, severely limiting political participation.

Member of the US State Department (Credits: Politico)

The statement also criticized the restrictions placed on Belarusians abroad, who could only vote if they returned to Minsk, where they might face reprisals. The regime’s actions effectively stifled genuine political activities and discourse within Belarus.

Additionally, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was prevented from observing the elections, further undermining their transparency.

Despite these challenges, the State Department acknowledged the strength, resilience, and courage of Belarus’s civil society and democratic movement, which continue to demand a voice in shaping the country’s future.

The United States reiterated its call for the Lukashenka regime to end its crackdown, release all political prisoners, and engage in dialogue with its political opponents.

In conclusion, the State Department’s statement underscored the importance of free and fair elections and called for meaningful political reforms in Belarus. It expressed solidarity with the Belarusian people in their pursuit of democracy and a brighter future for their country.