The Opinion Piece Suggests that American Duplicity and Arab Cowardice are Enabling War Crimes by Israel

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President Biden, appearing solemn, continues to implore Israel to minimize civilian casualties and to utilize targeted strikes against Hamas. However, there is a contradiction in his actions as the United States continues to provide Israel with 2,000-pound bunker-buster bombs, which are known for their indiscriminate and wide-ranging destructive capabilities.

While President Biden rightfully opposes nuclear proliferation and is committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the United States remains silent on Israel’s possession of over 200 nuclear warheads.

Additionally, it has not supported longstanding proposals from Arab and Iranian nations to declare the region a nuclear-free zone. This inconsistency poses a significant risk of escalating tensions and potentially sparking a nuclear conflict.

US-Israeli Opinion Piece Group (Credits: World – Axios)

Despite expressing a desire for an end to hostilities and civilian casualties, particularly among women and children in the Gaza conflict, the United States finds itself isolated at the United Nations Security Council after vetoing three resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire.

The international community widely acknowledges the illegality of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, and the US has publicly stated opposition to the expansion of settlements in the region.

However, it has turned a blind eye to the continued proliferation of settlements. Moreover, at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the US rushed to Israel’s defense, urging against calls for Israel’s withdrawal from occupied Palestinian territory.

US officials claim limited influence over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government. However, what if President Biden announced a shift in US policy:

Ending support for Israeli intransigence at the United Nations, Suspending all financial and military aid to Israel, totaling around $300 billion over the years, Halting arms sales to Israel?

Such actions would likely compel Netanyahu to comply. If not, the loss of US backing could lead to significant domestic pressure in Israel for a change in government. However, the perceived influence of the Jewish lobby in US politics has prevented any US president from taking such a decisive stand.

It is time for Americans to demand that their government treat Israel as an ally, not as a state above reproach. America’s foreign policy towards the Middle East should not be dictated solely by Israeli interests and lobbying efforts.

While America’s handling of the Palestinian issue has been marked by duplicity, Palestinians have also received insufficient support from their Arab and Muslim allies. These nations have the potential to exert significant pressure on US policies by:

Recalling ambassadors from Washington and Tel Aviv, Expelling US military personnel from their territories,
Implementing primary and secondary economic sanctions against Israel, Pursuing cases at the International Criminal Court against Israeli leaders and complicit American and European officials.

Arab countries would be wise to consider these steps to address growing domestic demands for action and potentially mitigate unrest in their territories.

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