Formerly Homeless Individuals Share their Perspectives on “Alternative Walking Tours”

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“This helped fill a void after I finished rehab. This was the opportunity that first helped me back onto a path of a ‘normal’ life again and having a purpose.” – Miles, Invisible Cities guide.

Miles, an Invisible Cities guide, shares how his involvement with the program was a turning point in his life, particularly after completing rehabilitation. It provided him with a sense of purpose and helped him reintegrate into a more “normal” life.

One aspect of his tours focuses on the city’s chocolate-making locations. He highlights the historical significance of places like Terry’s Chocolate Factory, known for producing the iconic “chocolate orange” traditionally given and enjoyed during Christmas in the UK. He also mentions the Rowntree’s site, which is famous for creating the beloved Kit Kat chocolate bar.

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Miles elaborates on Terry’s contribution to the city, noting that they not only provided employment but also recognized the importance of housing for their staff.

They reinvested their initial profits back into their workforce and the factory, demonstrating a commitment to both their employees and the community.

Through his tours, Miles not only showcases the city’s chocolate-making history but also highlights the positive impact of businesses like Terry’s on the local community.

His story exemplifies how programs like Invisible Cities can provide individuals with a sense of purpose and empowerment, especially during challenging times.

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