An 82-year-old is Refusing to Give Up a Mansion that is on the Verge of Falling Into the Ocean

Credits: Architectural Digest

Lewis Bruggeman, an 82-year-old radiologist, and his son have refused to move from their mansion despite the risk of the house falling into the ocean due to cliffside erosion.

The Bruggemans’ property, located in the affluent California coastal town of Encinitas, is perched on the edge of a rapidly eroding cliff.

The erosion has already caused significant damage to neighboring properties, and experts have warned that the Bruggemans’ home could collapse into the sea at any moment.

Despite these warnings, the Bruggemans have remained defiant, refusing to abandon their home of over 40 years. Lewis Bruggeman, who purchased the property in the 1970s for just $225,000, has stated that he is willing to take the risk of staying in the house, even if it means losing everything.

Mansion on Verge of Falling into Ocean (Credits:

The Bruggemans’ case has sparked debate about the rights of property owners in areas prone to natural disasters. While some argue that the Bruggemans should be allowed to stay in their home as long as they are aware of the risks, others believe that they should be forced to evacuate in order to protect public safety.

Local officials have expressed concern about the situation, noting that the erosion of the cliff is a natural process that cannot be stopped. However, they have stopped short of forcing the Bruggemans to leave, citing their right to stay on their property.

The Bruggemans’ case highlights the difficult decisions faced by property owners in areas prone to natural disasters. While the Bruggemans’ refusal to leave may seem reckless to some, it is a testament to their deep attachment to their home and their willingness to accept the risks that come with living in such a precarious location.

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