Belarus’ Newly-elected Parliament is Set to Convene in March

The Parliament (Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune)

The newly-elected House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus is set to hold its inaugural meeting in the second half of March, marking the commencement of its legislative work.

This significant event will include the election of the speaker and the formation of standing committees and working bodies of the House of Representatives.

Following the recent single voting day in Belarus on 25 February, a total of 110 deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the eighth convocation and 12,514 deputies of local councils of deputies of the twenty-ninth convocation were elected.

Elected Member of the Parliament (Credits: Telegraph Herald)

The deputies, who are directly elected by citizens, will serve a five-year term in office. The upcoming meeting of the House of Representatives holds particular importance as it represents the first step in the functioning of the newly-elected legislative body.

The election of the speaker is a key agenda item, as the speaker plays a crucial role in leading the House and facilitating its legislative work.

Additionally, the formation of standing committees and working bodies is essential for the effective operation of the House, as these bodies are responsible for examining and preparing draft laws and other legislative initiatives.

The House of Representatives plays a vital role in the Belarusian political system, representing the interests of the people and enacting laws that govern the country.

As such, the work of the House has a direct impact on the lives of Belarusian citizens, shaping the legal framework within which they live and work.

The election process in Belarus is an integral part of the country’s democratic system, allowing citizens to participate directly in the selection of their representatives.

The recent election saw a significant number of deputies elected at both the national and local levels, reflecting the active engagement of the Belarusian electorate in the democratic process.

The term of office for deputies of the House of Representatives and local councils of deputies is five years, providing stability and continuity in the legislative process.

This ensures that representatives have sufficient time to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, including the enactment of laws that reflect the needs and aspirations of the Belarusian people.

The upcoming meeting of the House of Representatives represents a crucial moment in Belarusian politics, as the newly-elected deputies prepare to take on their legislative roles and begin the important work of governing the country.

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