According to a Magazine, Korea’s BBQ Chicken is Ranked as the Top Fast-food Chicken in the US

Credits: Eater San Diego

In a notable achievement for South Korean cuisine, BBQ Chicken has secured the top spot in a fast-food chicken ranking in the United States, as announced by the Korean fried chicken franchise on Monday.

Genesis BBQ Group, the franchise operator, revealed that BBQ Chicken was selected as the No. 1 fast-food chicken by the prestigious American food magazine “Taste of Home.”

Established in 1993, Taste of Home is a US-based media outlet specializing in food, boasting a readership of 1.9 million and an average monthly website traffic of 20 million visits, making it a highly respected voice in the food industry in the US.

Korea’s BBQ Chicken (Credits: BNN Breaking)

The magazine recently conducted a taste test, sampling fried chicken from seven fast-food chicken chains across the country. After careful evaluation, Taste of Home rated BBQ Chicken as the best in the fast-food chicken category.

In a ranking of wing products from 10 renowned chicken brands, BBQ Chicken emerged as the top choice. A BBQ official expressed their appreciation for the recognition, stating, “It is truly meaningful to surpass several global chicken franchises and capture the top spot in the United States.”

The official also highlighted the significance of outperforming KFC, one of the most beloved chicken brands among Americans. According to the magazine, BBQ Chicken was praised for its “tender and juicy” taste, further solidifying its position as a favorite among consumers.

With over 700 branches worldwide across 57 countries, including the US, Costa Rica, and the Philippines, BBQ Chicken has established a strong presence globally. In the US alone, the franchise operates in 27 out of the 50 states, providing customers with a taste of its acclaimed Korean-style fried chicken.