Foreign Minister Gabriel Was Received in Audience by King Abdullah Ii of Jordan

Credits: The New Arab

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel had an audience with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Sunday, discussing various topics including the Aqaba Process, innovations, education, tourism, and ways to enhance Bulgarian-Jordanian bilateral trade, economic, and defense cooperation.

Gabriel’s visit to Amman was at the invitation of her Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi. The Aqaba Process was a key focus of the discussions, not only as a tool to combat terrorism and extremism but also as a means to address hate speech.

Launched in 2015 by King Abdullah II of Jordan, the Aqaba Process is an initiative that involves a series of international meetings aimed at strengthening military and security cooperation, coordination, and the exchange of expertise among regional and international partners to counter terrorism.

Foreign Minister, Gabriel (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

The meeting between Gabriel and King Abdullah II underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges such as terrorism and extremism.

It also highlights the strong bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Jordan and their commitment to enhancing cooperation in various fields, including trade, economy, and defense.

The discussions on innovations, education, and tourism indicate a broader scope of the bilateral relationship, emphasizing the potential for collaboration in areas beyond security and defense.

This comprehensive approach to bilateral cooperation reflects the mutual interest of both countries in deepening their ties and exploring new opportunities for partnership.

Overall, Gabriel’s audience with King Abdullah II was an important step in strengthening the relationship between Bulgaria and Jordan. It demonstrated their shared commitment to addressing common challenges and exploring avenues for cooperation across various sectors.

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