Biden to Be Interviewed by Late-Night Comic Seth Meyers in New York on Monday

Credits: NBC News

President Joe Biden is set to make an appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” during his visit to New York on Monday, where he will also attend a campaign event with donors.

The decision to join Seth Meyers for an interview was revealed by a source familiar with the president’s plans, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Biden’s appearance on the popular late-night show marks another instance of a sitting president engaging with late-night comedy, a trend that has become more common in recent years.

Biden and Seth Meyers (Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

The president’s decision to participate in the interview reflects his ongoing efforts to connect with a broader audience and engage in conversations beyond traditional news outlets.

The interview is expected to cover a range of topics, including Biden’s administration’s priorities, recent developments in domestic and foreign policy, and perhaps some lighter, more personal moments. Meyers, known for his satirical take on current events and politics, is likely to engage the president in a lively and engaging conversation.

Biden’s visit to New York also includes a private event with donors at a hotel in midtown Manhattan, where he will likely discuss his administration’s agenda and seek support for his policies.

The president’s decision to engage with donors underscores the importance of fundraising in modern political campaigns and the role it plays in supporting candidates and their causes.

The president’s visit to New York comes at a time of heightened political activity, with his administration facing numerous challenges both at home and abroad. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to economic recovery efforts and foreign policy challenges, Biden’s presidency is being tested on multiple fronts.

By appearing on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” President Biden has the opportunity to reach a wide audience and convey his message directly to the American people. The interview is likely to be watched closely by political observers and the public alike, as they look for insights into the president’s policies and priorities.

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