Biden and Congressional Leaders to Meet as Government Shutdown Deadline Approaches

Credits: Bloomberg

President Biden is scheduled to meet with top congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss averting a partial government shutdown, as lawmakers have only a few days left to reach an agreement.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries will meet with the president and vice president in the Oval Office. However, consensus on how to proceed seemed elusive leading up to the meeting.

Schumer expressed concern about the uncertainty in the House, particularly among Republicans, regarding how to proceed in the coming days. He emphasized the need to avoid a shutdown, highlighting the impact it would have on various parts of the federal government, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Food and Drug Administration.

Biden and Congressional Leaders (Credits: IverifyU)

McConnell echoed Schumer’s sentiments, stating that a shutdown would be harmful to the country and emphasizing the need for both parties to work together to avoid it.

He noted that Congress has the means and “just enough time” to avert a shutdown and make progress on the annual appropriations bills but emphasized the need to steer clear of “poison pills” that could derail the process.

Despite earlier agreements on overall funding levels, disagreements remain over policy riders embedded in the funding legislation. House conservatives have pushed for these riders, which are unacceptable to Democrats, complicating the path forward.

While lawmakers have aimed to approve all 12 spending bills to fund the government for fiscal year 2024, the likelihood of another funding patch has increased as the deadline approaches and disagreements persist.

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