Family Sues Disney, Alleging NYU Doctor Died from Allergic Reaction to Restaurant Meal

Credits: New York Post

The husband of a late NYU doctor is taking legal action against Disney, alleging that his wife died from an allergic reaction after dining at Raglan Road restaurant in Disney Springs last October.

Dr. Kanokporn Tangsuan, 42, informed the waiter of her severe allergies to dairy and nuts and was assured that the staff would accommodate her dietary needs.

However, according to the lawsuit, she passed away shortly after consuming the meal, with autopsy results indicating elevated levels of dairy and nuts in her system.

The lawsuit, seeking damages of over $50,000, targets both Raglan Road and Disney under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. Speaking to CBS New York, Sung Poblete, CEO of Food Allergy Research and Education, emphasized the need for enhanced training within the restaurant industry to prevent such tragedies.

NYU Doctor Who Died (Credits: New York Post)

Poblete stressed the importance of better-preparing kitchen and wait staff to handle allergen-free meals, thus avoiding similar incidents in the future.

NYU Langone expressed condolences to Dr. Tangsuan’s family, acknowledging the sadness surrounding her passing. CBS New York reached out to Disney for a response, but as of the report, had not received an immediate reply.

The incident underscores the importance of food allergy awareness and proper protocols in food service establishments, particularly in ensuring the safety of customers with severe allergies.

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