Suspected Smugglers Throw Bales of Cocaine into Eastern Pacific Ocean During Coast Guard Interception

Credits: laststandonzombieisland

The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alert achieved a significant seizure, confiscating nearly 11,000 pounds of cocaine during a bust in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

This operation occurred during a 59-day narcotics patrol when the cutter’s helicopter crew spotted a suspected “go-fast” vessel, a type often favored by smugglers due to its small size and low profile.

Upon spotting the vessel, the cutter launched both of its small-boat pursuit teams to intercept it. Despite orders to stop, the “go-fast” vessel attempted to evade capture, prompting the Coast Guard’s helicopter crew to disable its engine.

Suspected Smugglers vs Coast Guard (Credits: AP News)

While specific details on how the engine was disabled were not provided, past methods have involved Coast Guard marksmen firing disabling shots from helicopters.

Following the disablement, the cutter’s pursuit team successfully intercepted and gained control of the vessel. Additionally, Coast Guard members recovered numerous bales of cocaine that had been jettisoned into the ocean by the suspected smugglers.

Working tirelessly through the night, the Coast Guard personnel hauled in and accounted for all the seized cocaine, which is valued at more than $143 million.

This interdiction stands as one of the Coast Guard’s largest single interdictions in the Eastern Pacific, delivering a significant blow to criminal organizations attempting to smuggle illicit narcotics through maritime routes.

While the Coast Guard did not provide further details about the suspected smugglers, cocaine remains a highly controlled substance due to its high potential for abuse.

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