American Muslim Support Propelled Biden to Victory in 2020. Is Their Loyalty Wavering?

American Muslims helped Biden win in 2020. Will they abandon him now?

In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden narrowly won Michigan, a crucial swing state, over incumbent President Donald Trump by a margin of just over 150,000 votes. Arab American and Muslim voters played a significant role in tipping the scales in Biden’s favor in Michigan, as well as in other key swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

However, ahead of the upcoming November rematch between Biden and Trump, there is mounting dissatisfaction among these same voters, primarily due to growing outrage over Washington’s support for Israel amid its bombardment of Gaza.

Arab American and Muslim communities are demanding that the Biden administration take immediate action to halt the violence in Gaza, including calling for a ceasefire and advocating for the release of Palestinian political prisoners.

They also seek an end to military funding for Israel and increased humanitarian aid for Palestinians. Despite their efforts to lobby for change, many feel unheard by the Biden administration, leading to frustration and disillusionment among these communities.

American Muslim Support Propelled Biden to Victory in 2020. Is Their Loyalty Wavering
American Muslim Support Propelled Biden to Victory in 2020. Is Their Loyalty Wavering (Credits: Al Jazeera)

Some Arab American voters are expressing their dissatisfaction by choosing to abstain from voting in state primaries and potentially in the November election if Biden does not address their concerns regarding the situation in Gaza.

Others plan to write “Free Palestine” on their ballots or vote “uncommitted” as a symbolic protest against Biden’s perceived inaction. The “uncommitted” option allows voters to signal their support for the party without endorsing any specific candidate, potentially reducing Biden’s vote count in key battleground states like Michigan.

Michigan, with its significant Arab American population, is a crucial battleground state where the Arab American vote could sway the outcome of the election.

In the 2020 election, Arab American voters helped Biden secure a narrow victory in Michigan, but growing discontent within these communities poses a challenge to Biden’s re-election prospects. Other states with sizable Arab American and Muslim populations, such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia, also hold strategic importance in the upcoming election.

While Arab American and Muslim voters represent a relatively small percentage of the total voting population, their collective actions, including abstaining from voting or casting damaged ballots, could impact the outcome of the election, particularly in swing states where margins are tight.

Biden’s campaign has attempted to address the concerns of these communities by expressing frustration with Israel’s actions in Gaza, but many voters remain skeptical of the administration’s commitment to change. As the election approaches, the Biden campaign faces the challenge of retaining the support of Arab American and Muslim voters while navigating complex geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East.

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