Man Hides Stolen Horse in Third-Floor Apartment

Man Tries to Hide Stolen Horse in His Third-Floor Apartment

A 19-year-old man from Wejherowo, Poland, finds himself facing the daunting prospect of spending three months to five years in prison for an unusual crime: stealing a horse and attempting to conceal it within his apartment situated on the third floor of a residential building.

The bizarre incident unfolded when local police received an urgent call reporting an individual attempting to guide a horse up the stairs of an apartment building. Initially dismissing it as a potential prank, authorities soon realized the severity of the situation upon arriving at the scene. Contrary to their expectations, they discovered a young man engaged in a heated exchange with neighbors as he attempted to maneuver a full-grown horse up the building’s staircase.

Man Tries to Hide Stolen Horse in His Third-Floor Apartment

Anetta Potrykus, a spokeswoman from the District Police Headquarters in Wejherowo, recounted the peculiar scene, stating, “A young man was trying to lead a mare into the stairwell of a multi-family building.”

Further investigation revealed that the unnamed perpetrator had stolen the horse with the intention of concealing it within his apartment to evade detection. However, his ill-conceived plan quickly unraveled as law enforcement intervened. The impracticality of housing a large animal within the confines of a two-bedroom apartment seemed not to have crossed his mind nor did the conspicuousness of his actions.

Authorities estimated the value of the stolen horse at approximately 15,000 Polish zloti ($3,800) and successfully returned it to its rightful owner, who had already reported it missing.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old culprit finds himself entangled in legal proceedings, charged with theft and facing the possibility of a significant prison sentence of up to five years. His audacious attempt to hide the stolen horse in his apartment has landed him in hot water with the law.

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