Biden Warns Israel of Losing International Support if Aggression Persists

Credits: AP News

In a statement on Tuesday, President Joe Biden warned that if Israel persists in its aggressive actions in Gaza, it risks losing international support.

Speaking in a live interview on NBC, Biden highlighted Israel’s historically strong backing from many nations but cautioned that continued aggression under its current conservative government, led by figures like National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, could erode that support worldwide, which would not be in Israel’s best interests.

Biden also mentioned that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan could present an opportunity for a temporary cease-fire. He noted that Israel has agreed to refrain from activities during Ramadan to facilitate efforts to secure the release of hostages.

Joe Biden (Credits: HuffPost)

This pause, he suggested, could open avenues for progress in line with the readiness of several Arab countries to engage in peace efforts. Additionally, Biden remarked that Saudi Arabia is poised to recognize Israel if hostilities cease.

The President emphasized the importance of Israel seizing opportunities for peace and security, extending invitations to both Israelis and Palestinians.

He acknowledged criticism for his view that being a Zionist doesn’t require one to be Jewish, reaffirming his own support for Zionism. Biden stressed the need for Israel to capitalize on opportunities for peace and security, cautioning against Hamas exploiting the situation.

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