Todd Jarrett Introduces the New Staccato C 2011 Compact Combat/Tactical 9mm 1911 Pistol at SHOT Show 2024

Credits: Defense Review

DefenseReview (DR) encountered Todd Jarrett, a champion professional pistol shooter, at the Staccato booth during SHOT Show 2024. Jarrett graciously provided an overview of the new Staccato C 2011 compact combat/tactical 9mm 1911 pistol on video.

The Staccato C is deemed ideal for both concealed carry (CCW) and home defense applications due to its size and weight, similar to a Glock 19 (G19) with a standard grip and a 4-inch barrel. Staccato promotes the Staccato C as “All Purpose, Staccato.”

Compared to the previously discussed Staccato CS 2011 sub-compact tactical 9mm 1911 pistol, the Staccato C offers improvements, including a slightly longer barrel and slide (0.5 inches longer) and a choice of two grip lengths and ammo capacities.

New Staccato C 2011 Compact Combat Pistol (Credits: Defrev/YouTube)

There’s even the possibility of purchasing the Staccato C with both grip lengths to accommodate personal needs or mission requirements.

The Staccato C 2011 features an optics-ready design, ambidextrous controls (including a 1911-style frame-mounted sweep-down safety lever), and a smooth 4-4.5 lb trigger pull weight.

It also includes an external extractor, similar to the Staccato CS. Standard with the Staccato C are two 16-round magazines, but opting for the longer grip frame provides two 18-round mags.

Jarrett allowed DR to handle the Staccato C with the longer grip, noting its excellent feel in the hand, surpassing that of the standard-length grip. For a Staccato C order, DR would likely choose the longer grip with (2) 18-round mags and possibly add two extra 18-rounders.

Additionally, purchasing the shorter grip with one or two 16-round mags would cover all concealed carry and tactical needs. DR would also follow Jarrett’s advice and opt for the black DLC coated barrel and flat trigger for added performance and aesthetics.

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