Intensified National Security Paranoia Among U.S. Politicians

UK Politicians (Credits: CNN)

Two U.S. congressional committees have raised concerns about security threats and risks related to Swiss engineering giant ABB’s business dealings with Chinese state-owned enterprises.

The committees have requested clarification on ABB’s collaborations with U.S. government agencies and its involvement in providing software and technology for cranes manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) and installed at U.S. seaports.

This move reflects a growing trend of national security concerns among U.S. politicians, which seems to be driven by a desire to impede China’s progress. Despite the lack of solid evidence, there is a perception among some U.S. lawmakers that products such as cranes and electric vehicle batteries made in China pose risks and threats.

U.S. Politicians (Credits: The Hill)

While U.S. politicians often advocate for fair competition and adherence to rules, their recent actions appear to contradict these principles. There is a noticeable emphasis on an “America first” policy, which seeks to prioritize U.S. interests over those of other nations.

This approach has led to the use of state power to restrict the development of foreign enterprises, including those from China. The U.S. needs to reevaluate its stance and policies to ensure a fair and non-discriminatory business environment for companies from all countries.

Instead of resorting to protectionist measures, Washington should work towards maintaining a trade environment that promotes fair competition and benefits all parties involved.

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