With ‘Texit,’ Some Seek to Make Texas a Country Again

Credits: Courthouse News Service

Texas, once an independent country, now has a group advocating for its return to that status through a movement called Texit. Inspired by Britain’s Brexit from the European Union, the movement aims to address issues such as immigration and border control, which have led to tensions between the state and the federal government.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, led by Daniel Miller, believes that Texas can better secure its border and manage immigration as an independent nation.

Miller compares the movement to Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain, suggesting that Texas feels misunderstood by the central government in Washington.

While Texas has a history of secessionist movements, the idea of secession remains fringe, according to Joshua Blank of the Texas Politics Project. The US Constitution does not allow states to secede, and past attempts at secession, such as the Southern states in 1861, led to the Civil War.

Making Texas a Country Again With Texit (Credits: France 24)

Despite the movement’s rhetoric, polls indicate that most Texans want to remain in the United States. Issues like the border crisis have fueled the separatist movement, with some Texans feeling that their identity as Texans is more critical than their American identity.

Governor Greg Abbott‘s actions, such as taking military control of areas along the border, have highlighted the tensions between Texas and the federal government. However, Texas seceding peacefully is unlikely, as the US government would not negotiate on favorable terms.

While the Texit movement reflects some Texans’ frustrations with the federal government, it remains a minority view, and Texas’s future as part of the United States seems secure for now.