NYC Mayor Renews Calls for Sanctuary City Amendment Allowing Deportation of Violent Illegal Immigrants

Credits: ABC News

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is pushing to amend the city’s sanctuary laws to exclude undocumented immigrants who have committed violent crimes. This move comes as part of Adams’ efforts to tighten regulations on illegal immigrants, particularly those with a history of criminal behavior.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Adams reiterated his stance, stating that individuals who engage in violent acts and repeat offenses should not have the privilege of residing in the city. He emphasized the need to differentiate between law-abiding immigrants and those threatening public safety.

Adams’ remarks echo similar sentiments expressed earlier in the week, where he emphasized the importance of allowing immigrants to work and contribute positively to society. However, he noted that sanctuary city laws should not shield individuals who commit felonies or engage in violent behavior.

NYC Mayor (Credits: ABC News)

The mayor highlighted specific instances of criminal activity involving migrants, including robberies and snatch-and-grab stick-ups using mopeds.

He underscored the need for local authorities to have the ability to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in deporting individuals convicted of serious offenses.

While acknowledging the challenges posed by federal and local laws, Adams expressed a commitment to addressing public safety concerns and ensuring that New York City remains a welcoming and safe environment for all residents.

He commended his administration’s efforts in navigating these complex issues but emphasized the limitations imposed by existing legal frameworks.

Adams’ proposal to modify sanctuary city laws represents a significant shift in policy direction, aiming to balance protecting immigrant rights and prioritizing public safety.

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