Actress Arrested by New York City Police During Pro-Palestine Protest

Credits: Access Hollywood/YouTube

Reports from media sources on Wednesday revealed that Hunter Schafer, renowned for her role in the television series “Euphoria,” was detained by law enforcement during a pro-Palestine demonstration in New York City.

According to the New York Post, Schafer was apprehended for participating in a protest action at NBC headquarters within Rockefeller Center. The demonstration aimed to disrupt President Joe Biden’s scheduled appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

The 25-year-old actress and model was issued a summons for trespassing after engaging in the protest, which demanded an end to Israel’s ongoing airstrikes on Gaza.

Actress Arrested By NYPD (Credits: The Intercept)

Photographs captured Schafer being escorted out of the building by a police officer, her hands restrained behind her back, while adorned in a “Cease-fire now” t-shirt. Her involvement in the demonstration aligns with her portrayal of Jules in the popular HBO teen drama.

Schafer joined fellow demonstrators affiliated with the Jewish Voice for Peace activist organization, who staged a sit-in within the building’s lobby. Banners held by the protesters conveyed messages such as “Jews to Biden: Stop arming genocide” and “Lasting cease-fire,” as reported by the newspaper.

The group vocalized chants advocating for peace, emphasizing the demand for a cessation of hostilities with slogans like “No more weapons, no more war. Cease-fire is what we’re fighting for,” along with “Not in our name.”

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