European Commission Urges Member States to Maintain 15% Gas Demand Reduction

Credits: Stratfor

The European Commission has proposed a Council Recommendation on maintaining gas demand reduction measures in the European Union (EU).

This proposal, which requires approval by the European Council, calls on EU Member States to sustain voluntary actions to achieve a collective 15 percent reduction in gas demand compared to the average demand from April 2017 to March 2022.

The recommendation is set to be discussed by EU Energy Ministers and Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson at the Energy Council meeting scheduled for Monday.

Gas Plant (Credits: GMK Center)

The proposal highlights various emergency measures implemented since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which have improved the EU’s energy landscape.

These measures have resulted in greater energy supply diversification, increased deployment of renewable energy capacity, significant energy savings, and improved gas storage levels.

Consequently, energy prices across Europe have become more stable and lower. However, the Commission emphasizes the continued importance of energy savings due to ongoing geopolitical tensions, tight global gas markets, and the EU’s strategic objective to reduce its reliance on Russian fossil fuels.

The Commission highlights the significant role played by businesses and citizens in the EU in reducing gas demand, particularly in response to the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Between August 2022 and December 2023, the EU collectively reduced gas demand by 18 percent, leading to estimated savings of approximately 101 billion cubic meters.

By proposing the adoption of this Council Recommendation, the European Commission aims to ensure the continuation of effective measures to reduce gas demand, contributing to the EU’s broader energy security and sustainability goals.