Biden Scheduled to Visit Teamsters Headquarters as Union Considers 2024 Endorsement

Biden to visit Teamsters headquarters as the union weighs its 2024 endorsement

President Joe Biden is scheduled to pay a visit to the headquarters of the Teamsters on March 12, as the influential labor union deliberates over its endorsement for the upcoming presidential election.

Announced on Tuesday, Biden’s itinerary includes engaging in a roundtable discussion with rank-and-file members and holding meetings with the union’s leadership. The Teamsters, boasting a membership of 1.3 million, eagerly anticipate these interactions.

In a news release, General President Sean O’Brien expressed gratitude for President Biden’s prioritization of the meeting despite his constrained schedule. O’Brien emphasized the significance of dialogue concerning the nation’s future and the essential commitments required from the next President to support working people.

Biden (Credits: USA Today)

Confirmation of the meeting was provided by a spokesperson from Biden’s campaign to NBC News.

This event follows a similar meeting held in January, where former President Donald Trump engaged with Teamsters leadership at their headquarters. The union initiated these roundtable discussions in December, inviting presidential candidates to participate. Topics covered include wealth inequality, corporate bankruptcy reform, and antitrust enforcement.

After last month’s meeting, Trump expressed optimism about securing the union’s endorsement, a rarity for a Republican candidate. However, the Teamsters endorsed Biden in 2020, yet remain undecided about their endorsement for the 2024 race, as it was made public in August of that year.

While the Teamsters’ political action committee funds predominantly support Democrats, divisions among members surfaced when the leadership approved a $45,000 donation to the Republican National Committee’s convention fund. Some members are contemplating suspending their donations to the PAC in protest.

Biden has already garnered endorsements from two other significant unions: the United Auto Workers and the AFL-CIO. He frequently underscores his strong relationship with unions, often declaring himself as the “most pro-union president.”

Notably, last year, Biden made history as the first sitting president to join a picket line during his visit with striking autoworkers in Michigan.

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