If Biden Doesn’t Win, It’s His Fault, Not Angry Gaza Voters

Biden (Credits: The Guardian)

Once again, the political stage is set for what seems like a déjà vu moment in American politics. Despite a period where it appeared Donald Trump’s political career had met its end, the former president, facing indictments and seemingly insurmountable legal hurdles, has defied expectations.

Like a phoenix with a distinct hairstyle, Trump has emerged from the ashes, setting the stage for a rematch of the 2020 showdown: Joe Biden versus Trump.

However, what remains far from certain is Biden’s victory. His polling numbers are concerning, and doubts about his age and mental acuity linger as November approaches, stirring panic within Democratic circles regarding his electability.

Amid this panic, there’s a whirlwind of finger-pointing and recrimination. Those voicing concerns about Biden’s candidacy are swiftly labeled as aiding Trump. Those hesitant to support a candidate now often referred to as “Genocide Joe” are chastised as potential enablers of Trump’s return to power.

As a permanent resident of the US without voting rights, I find myself unable to support Biden, and I’d feel betrayed if my American wife did so. As someone of Palestinian descent, I’ve watched in horror as Biden seemingly turns a blind eye to the suffering in Gaza, allowing Israel unchecked freedom in the region, disregarding international law and civilian lives.

Biden (Credits: The White House)

I cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate who appears to devalue the humanity of people like me, and who permits the needless suffering and death of innocents in Gaza. A vote for Biden, to me, is not just a vote against Trump but an endorsement of his indifference toward Palestinians and his complicity in what experts term a potential genocide.

But what about the argument that Trump would have been worse for Gaza? While that may be true, it loses its weight when we witness the ongoing devastation in the region under Biden’s watch. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has reached catastrophic levels, with no university left, a collapsed health system, and a staggering toll of casualties. Biden’s response to this crisis, exemplified by his casual remarks during an ice-cream moment, leaves little hope for improvement.

I’m not alone in my frustration with Biden. Many Muslims, Arab-Americans, and progressives feel conflicted about supporting a candidate who disregards our pleas regarding Gaza. Despite overwhelming Democratic voter support for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, our voices seem to fall on deaf ears.

Attempts to make our discontent heard, such as the “Listen to Michigan” campaign, are met with dismissal from high-profile Democrats who insist that any vote not cast for Biden supports Trump. While it’s crucial to recognize the dangers of a second Trump term, it’s equally essential to acknowledge the harm Biden inflicts on democracy and foreign policy by ignoring atrocities in Gaza.

We’re not asking Biden to become a champion for Palestine overnight; we’re simply asking him to adhere to international law and follow precedents set by past administrations in conditioning aid to Israel. It’s time for Democrats to realize that coercing reluctant voters into supporting the lesser of two perceived evils is not a sustainable strategy.

If they truly seek to protect democracy, they must listen to the grievances of their progressive base and address their concerns. The outcome of November’s election remains uncertain, but if Biden fails to secure victory, the blame lies squarely on his shoulders, not on progressives who refuse to compromise their principles.