Texts Reveal Key Witness in Fani Willis Hearing Confirming Affair Details and Suggesting Subpoenas

Credits: Fox News

In the ongoing legal drama surrounding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her relationship with Nathan Wade, a key witness, Terrence Bradley, has confirmed the relationship in texts to defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant.

These texts, sent between September 2023 and January 2024, provide insights into the nature of the relationship and suggest possible avenues for the defense to explore.

Bradley, Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney, offered suggestions to Merchant on who she could subpoena to establish the facts regarding the relationship.

These texts were obtained by Atlanta-based attorney Phil Holloway and appear to confirm numerous details about the relationship between Willis and Wade.

Star witness in Fani Willis case (Credits: Fox News)

However, during a recent hearing, Bradley declined to answer many questions from defense attorneys, citing attorney-client privilege.

Judge Scott McAfee subsequently ordered Bradley to testify again, finding that attorney-client privilege did not protect some of his communications with Wade about the relationship.

During his testimony, Bradley claimed he “could not recall” details about the relationship, including when it began, despite discussing it in detail in his texts to Merchant.

For example, in a text from January 5, Bradley indicated that he believed the relationship started before Willis hired Wade, contradicting Willis and Wade’s claim that it began after Wade was hired.

Bradley admitted during the hearing that he was “speculating” when he told Merchant that the relationship began after Willis left the DA’s office. This raises questions about the accuracy of his previous statements and the extent of his knowledge regarding the relationship’s timeline.

Bradley’s testimony and texts intrigue the legal battle surrounding Willis and Wade’s relationship. As the case unfolds, how these revelations will impact the proceedings and the individuals involved remains to be seen.