Suspended UK Labour Politician Criticizes Starmer’s Stance on Gaza

Credits: The Guardian

Labour politician Martin Abrams has criticized the party leadership’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict as “utterly shameful” after he and three other councillors in Lambeth, south London, were suspended for supporting a ceasefire in Gaza.

The suspension came after they voted for a motion put forward by the local Green Party calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to human rights atrocities in the conflict.

Abrams, speaking to openDemocracy, expressed his disappointment with Keir Starmer and the Labour leadership, citing the party’s position on Gaza as a reason for over 50 Labour councillors resigning since October.

UK labour politician (Credits: UK labour politician)

He accused Starmer of a “complete absence” of speaking out on the issue and described the leadership’s approach to Gaza as “utterly shameful.”

He specifically referenced an interview where Starmer appeared to suggest support for Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians, which is illegal under international law. Starmer later clarified his remarks, denying that he had endorsed such actions.

The Labour Party faced criticism last week for its handling of a parliamentary motion on a ceasefire in Gaza. While the party eventually supported a ceasefire, it did so through its own motion, which was seen as less critical of Israel compared to the original motion tabled by the SNP.

Abrams, who is Jewish, described his suspension by Lambeth Labour as “disproportionate,” especially considering the nature of the motion he supported. He reiterated his commitment to standing up for oppressed people and stated that he would not resign from his position as a councillor.

The situation highlights the ongoing debate within the Labour Party over its stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict and the challenges faced by politicians who take positions that diverge from the party’s official line.

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