Mother of Missing 3-Year-Old Boy Sent Him to Boyfriend for ‘Disciplinary’ Reasons Before Disappearance, Say Officials

Credits: WEAU

The case of missing 3-year-old Elijah Vue has sparked concern and raised questions as authorities in Wisconsin continue their search efforts.

According to statements from the Two Rivers Police Department, Elijah was last seen around 8 a.m. on February 20, prompting a swift response from law enforcement and the community at large.

The circumstances surrounding Elijah’s disappearance have led to the arrest of his mother, Katrina Baur, 31, and her boyfriend, Jesse Vang, 39.

Baur, facing charges of child neglect, allegedly sent Elijah to Vang for disciplinary reasons, according to Wisconsin authorities. Vang, who resides at the same address where Elijah was last seen, was arrested on a similar charge of child neglect.

Mother of Missing 3-Year-Old Boy (Credits: New York Post)

The situation has unfolded with Vang reportedly being the one to contact emergency services, informing them that Elijah was missing. However, as the investigation progresses, details surrounding the events leading up to Elijah’s disappearance remain unclear.

The arrest of both Baur and Vang underscores the seriousness of the situation and the urgency with which authorities are treating Elijah’s case.

Law enforcement agencies, along with concerned members of the public, continue to coordinate search efforts and follow up on any leads that may provide information about Elijah’s whereabouts.

As the community awaits updates from authorities, the focus remains on locating Elijah and ensuring his safety. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and swift action in responding to instances of missing children, highlighting the need for collaboration between law enforcement and the public to bring about a resolution.

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