Advocacy Groups Demand Removal of Oklahoma School Superintendent After Nex Benedict’s Death

Credits: Buffalo News

The tragic death of Nex has prompted significant outcry and calls for action, particularly regarding the treatment of LGBTQI+ students in Oklahoma schools.

The Benedict family alleges that Nex was a victim of bullying, and while the exact cause of their death is still under investigation, concerns about the environment in which this incident occurred have been raised.

Groups such as Freedom Oklahoma, GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and GLSEN have called for the removal of Oklahoma state superintendent of public instruction Ryan Walters, citing his alleged history of anti-LGBTQI+ rhetoric and policies.

Oklahoma School Superintendent (Credits: ABC News)

They argue that there needs to be an investigation into the Oklahoma Department of Education to address the culture of harassment faced by LGBTQI+ students.

In response, Walters has described these calls as a “desperate political game” and has accused the groups of exploiting Nex’s death for political gain. He has expressed a commitment to fighting against what he perceives as “woke gender games” and has stated that he will not back down to what he calls a “woke mob.”

The situation underscores the importance of addressing issues of bullying and harassment in schools, particularly against LGBTQI+ students. It also highlights the complexities and challenges of navigating these issues in the context of broader political and social debates.

As investigations into Nex’s death continue, there is a need for careful examination of the factors that contributed to this tragedy and for meaningful efforts to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all students.

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