Trump Describes the Border as the ‘Joe Biden Invasion’

Trump says the border is ‘Joe Biden invasion’

Former President Donald Trump made a bold statement during his visit to the Texas border, declaring a “Joe Biden invasion” on Thursday. Standing in Eagle Pass alongside Governor Greg Abbott and National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd, Trump emphasized his belief that he successfully tackled similar challenges before and could do so again if he were to return to the White House.

The focal point of Trump’s visit was the ongoing legal dispute between Texas and the federal government concerning the migrant crisis, observed firsthand at the contentious park.

Blaming President Biden for the recent chaos, Trump highlighted a series of high-profile crimes involving illegal immigrants, suggesting they should be labeled as “Biden migrant crime.” He went as far as attributing responsibility for the “blood of countless innocent victims” to President Biden.

Trump Describes the Border as the 'Joe Biden Invasion'
Trump Describes the Border as the ‘Joe Biden Invasion’ (Credits: The Japan Times)

Trump reminisced about a time when he claimed the border was at its most secure, three years prior, noting that potential migrants were deterred by the certainty of not being able to gain entry. He underscored the consequences of the over three million illegal immigrants caught and released into the U.S. during the past three years, emphasizing the devastating impact on various fronts.

Crime was a central theme of Trump’s remarks, as he recounted conversations with the grieving parents of Laken Riley, a student tragically killed on a Georgia college campus by an individual identified as an illegal immigrant released under Biden’s policies.

Trump’s poignant words highlighted the irreversible suffering experienced by Riley’s family, echoing the broader concerns he expressed regarding the consequences of current immigration policies.

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