Michael Caines Has Been Appointed as the President of the Devon County Show for 2024

Credits: The Telegraph

Mr. Caines expressed his enthusiasm for celebrating Devon’s “incredible” farmers, signaling his dedication to recognizing their contributions to the county.

A spokesperson for the show committee praised Mr. Caines as “a passionate advocate of farming and food in Devon,” highlighting his commitment to promoting and supporting the agricultural industry.

The upcoming agricultural show, scheduled to take place from May 16 to May 18 at the Westpoint Arena near Exeter, serves as a platform to showcase farming and country life.

It offers a venue for farmers, producers, and enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of Devon.

Chef Michael Caines (Credits: Warm Welcome Magazine)

Upon assuming the role of president of the show, Mr. Caines emphasized the importance of acknowledging the region’s farming legacy.

He remarked, “We have an amazing heritage in farming, we have all these incredible small farmers producing livestock, chicken, and poultry all the way through to cereal, vegetables, and fruit, so we really should be celebrating that.”

Mr. Caines’ remarks underscore the significance of recognizing the hard work and dedication of Devon’s farmers, who play a vital role in sustaining the county’s agricultural sector. His presidency of the show reflects a commitment to honoring and supporting the farming community, ensuring their continued success and prosperity.

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