George Galloway’s Victory in the by-election is Seen as Troubling for British Jews


Jewish groups have expressed deep concern following George Galloway’s victory in the Rochdale by-election, fearing that he will bring divisive and hateful politics to the Commons.

Galloway, known for his strong pro-Palestinian stance, has faced criticism for his past behavior towards the Jewish community, with accusations of baiting and incitement.

His platform, dominated by the conflict in Gaza, has raised alarm among Jewish organizations, who view his win as a troubling development. The Board of Deputies of British Jews has condemned Galloway’s victory, describing it as a “dark day” for British Jews.

George Galloway’s Victory On The Election (Credits: Jewish News)

A spokesperson for the Board of Deputies emphasized Galloway’s history as a demagogue and conspiracy theorist, warning that he has a track record of promoting division and hatred in the communities he represents.

They called for Galloway to be shunned by all Parliamentarians, viewing him as a pariah whose presence in Parliament is deeply concerning.

The concerns expressed by Jewish groups highlight the broader implications of Galloway’s victory, particularly regarding the potential impact on community relations and the promotion of tolerance and inclusivity in political discourse.

As Galloway prepares to take his seat in the Commons, his past actions and statements continue to draw scrutiny, raising questions about the role of MPs in fostering a respectful and constructive political environment.

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