Nikki Haley Dismisses the Idea of a Third-party No Labels Candidacy

Credits: WPR

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley dismissed the possibility of a third-party bid with No Labels, stating that she hasn’t had discussions with anyone about such an endeavor.

Despite signals of interest from No Labels, Haley emphasized her commitment to being a Republican and expressed concerns about aligning her conservative goals with a potential Democratic running mate.

During a conversation with reporters, Haley highlighted her belief in doing things right or not at all. She stated that participating in a No Labels campaign would mean collaborating with a Democrat, which doesn’t align with her vision for the country.

Nikki Haley (Credits: NY1)

Haley emphasized that her focus is on the Republican primary, stating that she will remain in the race “as long as we’re competitive.” No Labels, a bipartisan political organization, has suggested the possibility of fielding a ticket with a Republican and an independent rather than a Democrat.

The group’s delegates are set to meet virtually on March 8 to decide whether to move forward with a presidential campaign.

Haley’s comments come amid her active engagement in Super Tuesday states, where she is campaigning and fundraising aggressively.

When asked about the purpose of the funds raised, especially considering her private pitch not extending beyond Super Tuesday, Haley pushed back against the question’s premise.

She stated that supporters express gratitude for giving them hope and encourage her to keep fighting, avoiding specifics about her strategy or plans.

As Haley faces a challenging path against former President Donald Trump in the Republican primary, she refrained from providing a timeline for how long she intends to stay in the race. Despite uncertainties, Haley asserted that the last thing on her mind is considering an end to her presidential bid.