A Mother From Connecticut Went Missing in 2019, and Now the Girlfriend of Her Estranged Husband Has Been Found Guilty in Connection With Her Death

Credits: AP News

A Connecticut jury convicted Michelle Troconis, the girlfriend of a luxury home builder, on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, and hindering prosecution in connection with the 2019 disappearance and death of Jennifer Dulos.

Dulos, the estranged wife of Troconis’ boyfriend, Fotis Dulos, was declared dead by a judge in October 2021, although her body has never been found.

Troconis, 49, had consistently maintained her innocence throughout the case. Fotis Dulos had faced charges of felony murder, kidnapping, and other crimes related to Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance, but he died on January 30, 2020, after attempting suicide while on house arrest. In a note left behind, Fotis Dulos denied involvement in the disappearance.

Missing Connecticut Mother (Credits: KESQ)

The investigation revealed that Jennifer Dulos was last seen on May 24, 2019. Blood matching her DNA was found in her home, and surveillance footage captured Fotis Dulos disposing of garbage bags containing zip ties, gloves, tape, and other items in West Hartford.

Stains resembling blood with Jennifer Dulos’ DNA were discovered on a paper towel and a poncho inside the bags. Troconis’ DNA was also found on some items, and she was seen with Fotis Dulos during the disposal of the bags.

Although she initially denied knowledge of the contents, Troconis later admitted to being with Fotis Dulos in West Hartford during that time.

The couple, who had five children together, were in the midst of a contentious custody dispute when Jennifer Dulos disappeared. Authorities alleged that Fotis Dulos, facing significant financial debt, may have sought access to their children’s trust fund if granted custody.

In Fotis Dulos’ posthumous letter, he claimed that authorities had fabricated many allegations against him and expressed his love for his children, stating he would do anything to be with them.

The case also involves a close friend of Fotis Dulos, Kent Mawhinney, who faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder and is awaiting trial.

Troconis’ conviction adds another layer to the complex legal proceedings surrounding Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance and death. The absence of Jennifer Dulos’ body has added challenges to the investigation, which has seen multiple individuals implicated in connection to the case.

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