Israel Has Reportedly Agreed to a Ceasefire in Gaza on the Condition That Hamas Releases Its Hostages, According to the United States

A senior US official has revealed that a framework for a ceasefire in Gaza, lasting six weeks, is on the table, with Israel reportedly agreeing to the proposal.

However, the implementation of the ceasefire depends on Hamas agreeing to release hostages, including vulnerable individuals such as the sick, wounded, elderly, and women. The official emphasized the importance of Hamas releasing these hostages for the ceasefire to proceed.

According to the official, Israel has “more or less accepted” the proposed ceasefire deal, but stressed that the release of hostages is crucial. They stated that the ball is now in Hamas’s court, and efforts are ongoing to push for a ceasefire as vigorously as possible.

Israel On Gaza (Credits: The Times of Israel)

The proposed ceasefire comes in the wake of significant casualties in Gaza, with 115 Palestinians killed and over 750 injured as they awaited an aid convoy.

Reports indicate that Israeli troops opened fire on crowds rushing to access aid from the convoy, leading to a tragic loss of life.

While Israel claims that many deaths were caused by a stampede, the European Union’s diplomatic service has asserted that many Palestinians were hit by Israeli army fire.

The situation in Gaza has deteriorated rapidly, with hundreds of thousands facing starvation and desperation due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In response to the humanitarian crisis, the US military has initiated airdrops of food and aid over Gaza, with President Joe Biden pledging further assistance, including the possibility of a marine corridor for aid shipments. Biden has expressed confidence in Israel’s willingness to fully investigate the incident that led to the casualties.

However, humanitarian organizations and the EU have called for caution regarding airdrops, emphasizing the need for ground crossings and the removal of obstacles to facilitate aid delivery.

A possible ceasefire, mediated by international actors, is seen as a critical step towards addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Talks on the ceasefire are expected to resume in Cairo, with mediators hoping to reach an agreement before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The ceasefire would also involve an exchange of hostages between Israel and Hamas, providing a glimmer of hope for peace and stability in the region.

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