Biden Team’s Message to Democrats Longing for an Alternative: Move On

Credits: Bloomberg

In a recent survey by The New York Times and Siena College, only 28 percent of Democrats expressed enthusiasm about President Biden’s candidacy for the upcoming election, with 38 percent stating that he should not be their nominee.

Despite these sentiments and former President Donald J. Trump leading in nationwide polls by 5 percentage points, there has been no serious challenge to Mr. Biden’s candidacy.

Mr. Biden’s inner circle remains loyal and devoted, and there are no indications that he would consider stepping aside for another candidate.

Biden’s Message to Democrats (Credits: The Seattle Times)

His advisers view the idea as absurd, citing his record of accomplishment and the lack of a viable alternative. They argue that it is too late in the election cycle for a change without causing significant disruption.

David Plouffe, a strategist who helped President Barack Obama pick Mr. Biden as his vice-presidential running mate, acknowledges that there is no council of elders who could influence Mr. Biden’s decision. He believes that Mr. Biden is confident in his ability to win again, having defeated Mr. Trump in the previous election.

Despite the concerns raised in the survey, members of Mr. Biden’s team remain confident. They point to past elections where Democrats have outperformed expectations and argue that polls this far before the vote are not indicative of the final outcome.

They believe that Mr. Biden has a strong chance of winning reelection based on his track record and the current political landscape.

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