King Harald V of Norway Gets Pacemaker in Malaysia Emergency

King Harald V of Norway has Emergency Pacemaker Implanted in Malaysia

Following a challenging setback during his holiday in Malaysia, Norway’s 87-year-old King Harald V underwent a temporary pacemaker implantation on Saturday. The procedure carried out at a hospital on Langkawi, a resort island, aims to facilitate the monarch’s return home, where he will continue his recuperation from various ailments before resuming his royal responsibilities, as stated by a spokesperson.

Harald holds the distinction of being Europe’s eldest monarch, with his 83-year-old second cousin, Margrethe II of Denmark, having recently abdicated the throne in January. Unlike Margrethe, Harald has expressed his commitment to remaining in his position, firmly stating earlier this year that his oath to the Norwegian parliament is lifelong, as per the report.

Shortly after affirming his stance, the Norwegian palace announced Harald’s need for a brief sick leave following his illness with a respiratory infection. This hiatus followed previous health challenges, including a December hospitalization for an infection and a bout of fever in August, as highlighted by the Associated Press.

King Harald V
King Harald V (Credits: KOB 4)

Harald and Queen Sonja traveled to Malaysia last week to celebrate his 87th birthday on February 21, 1937, with a private trip to Langkawi, known for its 99-island vacation enclave. However, he was admitted to Hospital Sultanah Maliha due to an unspecified infection, according to the Norwegian palace.

Consequently, his 50-year-old son, Crown Prince Haakon, assumed Harald’s ceremonial royal duties, as the king’s role in Norway holds no political authority.

On Saturday, doctors performed the pacemaker implantation due to a low heart rate, as announced by the Royal House of Norway. His personal physician, Bjørn Bendz, conveyed that despite the circumstances, His Majesty is progressing well but requires further rest.

The procedure aims to ensure a safe journey back home, with plans for his return within the coming days, facilitated by a Scandinavian Airlines medical evacuation plane stationed at Langkawi Airport, awaiting his improved health for the trip home, according to ABC News.

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