Funeral Service Honors Texas Girl Allegedly Killed by Family Friend, Remembered as ‘Precious’

A Texas girl allegedly killed by a family friend is remembered as ‘precious’ during funeral service

An emotional gathering took place at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Livingston on Saturday, as family and friends came together to remember 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham, tragically lost to what authorities allege was an act of violence by a family friend.

Father Paul Kahan led the somber Rosary service, where he spoke tenderly of Audrii, describing her as a beloved soul known for her kindness, affection for animals, and ever-present smile. Amidst the grief, Father Kahan acknowledged the profound absence of answers surrounding Audrii’s untimely passing, urging the gathering of over 100 mourners to honor her memory by advocating for the safety and protection of all children.

The devastating loss of Audrii has brought to light troubling questions about the circumstances leading to her death. Prosecutors have pointed to Don McDougal, a family acquaintance entrusted with taking Audrii to her school bus stop, as the alleged perpetrator of this heinous crime. Audrii’s body was discovered in a river near Houston on February 20, days after she was reported missing on February 15.

Texas Girl Allegedly Killed by Family Friend Remembered as 'Precious' During Funeral Service
Texas Girl Allegedly Killed by Family Friend Remembered as ‘Precious’ During Funeral Service (Credits: CTV News)

McDougal now faces charges of capital murder, a development that has left many in disbelief and seeking accountability. Concerns have been raised about how McDougal, with a documented history of violence, managed to evade legal consequences and remain at large within the community.

Decades earlier, McDougal faced accusations of indecency with a child after allegedly entering another young girl’s bed and attempting to undress her. Despite the severity of the allegations, McDougal’s case was resolved with a plea deal, sparing him from inclusion on the state sex offender registry.

Furthermore, just last year, McDougal was implicated in a stabbing incident, though authorities at the time cited insufficient evidence to pursue charges of aggravated assault against him.

The tragic loss of Audrii Cunningham serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safeguarding our communities, particularly the most vulnerable among us. As her loved ones grapple with grief and seek justice, they vow to ensure that Audrii’s memory endures as a beacon for change, advocating tirelessly to prevent other families from enduring similar heartache.

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